Monday, July 28, 2008

New Bookstore- Odyssey

Odyssey is the newest chain to start operations in Kolkata. They have set up shop on Anwar Shah Road, opposite Navina Cinema Hall. The ground floor of this swanky structure has the book shop, the first floor has stationery and childrens section while to second floor has music, perfumes, watches and home decoration. A cafe is set to start serving soon.

The staff is very courteous, to the point of embarassing me into buying something... but they should have a pat on the back for their politeness and helpfulness. I went with a baby and had very little problem, with all of them coming forward to babysit while I browsed.

The collection is not bad, though I still think it does not better Crossword. But it can give a shop like Starmark a run for its money.


  1. Does Calcutta have individually-run bookshops that've been around for long and have stories to tell?

  2. hi nice blog,and nice entries

  3. Anil- You will find individually run bookshops on College Street which have been around for decades. In this blog itself you will find Suchishmita's entry about a lending library in Ballygunj. College Street always has stories to tell... Ill keep a lookout for any. :) If there is something I come to know about, Ill put it up for sure.

  4. ca anyone get me Odyseey's contact details? phn and email?