Monday, June 2, 2008

Restaurant- Comics- Off Southern Avenue, near Menoka Cinema hall

This is the continental restaurant from the chain which owns 6 Ballygunj Place (Bengali) and The Wall (Oriental).
Ambience/Decor- That this cute little place is aimed at kids and kids-at-heart is quite obvious from the decor. Cartoons line the walls, all old favourites, Tintin, Asterix, Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts, to name some. Its good time-pass to read the walls while you are waiting for the food. Disco balls in one corner and etched glass partitions enhance the feeling of nostalgia, while the music is very 80-s. Comfy sofas and wide tables is all the better. Attention to detail- the tables are black boards, and there are chalk holders and dusters on every table. Scribble away while you wait for your food once you are done reading your favourite comic strip. Parking space is the narrow road in front, so on rush days may be a head ache.
Service- Definitely good. Service was quick and the waiters knew the restaurant specialities. One compaint, the guard ran to our car while we stepped out, almost pushed us out of the way to open the door, and demanded 10 Rs at the end of the futile exercise.
Food- Good continental fare. The portion sizes are large, so one order can be good for two. Chicken starters are crisp and tasty. Their drinks are tangy and worth a try, no alcohol of course, this place is for kids. I know its a sin, but I was too full to order dessert... next time, maybe. They didnt have caramel custard though, I wonder why, in a conti-speciality restaurant!
Pocket Pinch- On the expensive side. There are no alcoholic drinks. So dinner for 2, with fizzy drinks, starter, main course and dessert will be around 800 Rupees.

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