Monday, May 26, 2008

Park Street- Stay safe if alone

Not yet midnight and Park Street is flowing with drinks and the PYT-s clad in little somethings. Im in a salwar suit, for godsakes... coming out from a late night formal meet with husband in tow. Just crossing The Park in front of the paan shop is a group of fatso-s, average height 5'3''. I hurry towards the car, traffic is usually a mess at this time of night on weekends. "EY HEROINE. CHALTI KYA" comes the comment from the dwarf group behind me. On auto mode suddenly I swing around and walk toward the group. Immediately they start looking like trapped animals, guineapigs. My husband (thankfully, a 6 foot 160 pound-er) is just approaching the paan shop. As he sees me he realises something's wrong and catches up. The tallest in the group of 6, about 5'6'', is left to do the negotiating with my husband, who takes charge, while I stand fuming... well, because Im not being able to create the scene... and tapping my sandal on the kerb. "We are all family men, saar... Jaane dijiye". Yeah, right!!! Anyway, the paan shop seemed a better bet at spending time and energy, so we veered that way and munched our way back to our parked car near Flury's.

BTW, The Park's renovation does not seem to end. Its a mess with people and cars using the same narrow path in, with guards literally running after bikes which are not allowed inside. More so at night when most of the crowd is half drunk.


  1. I'm SO proud of you for not walking away pretending you didn't hear them. Thats what most people do. And thats exactly what they shouldn't.

  2. Yes its alarming. More so if one gets used to walking away... if theres no one there, run for your life... but if the street is crowded, never walk away. Always get a crowd to hear you abuse the *-s to hell!

  3. Why do women come with these weird sounding screen names or ids? smelling oranges on winter afternoons - wth that's supposed to mean? Oh Hello! Lookie Here! I'm a starry-eyed girl/woman with a romantic touch, and pine for navel oranges smell on a fading winter afternoon, while I gaze at the honey blossom sky, which makes me feel nostalgic and I reminisce of my days of solitary childhood....blah blah blah..

    Never in his life, would a sensible self-respecting dude would come up with such a stupid sounding user name. And Thank God for that!
    But anyhow, I enjoyed the writeup about your visit to that resort in *Destinations*.

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