Monday, May 26, 2008

The black Knights go down in a blaze of glory

Their armour was still showing chinks and its a little rusted at the edges... but the Knight Riders made sure that the next days newspaper could not trash them much, or at all. At least Dada made sure. The uncanny knack of answering them with his bat whenever the time seems worst... Sourav Ganguly was a joy to watch in the final overs of the Kolkata teams goodbye match.
Saturday night the Knights put up at ITC Sonar, sans their franchise owner this time, while the Kings (Punjab team) was seen at The Park... their capitaine and the star bowler (at least) partying at the Roxy till the wee hours, and their franchise owner, the Zinta Babe, coming in to urge them to go sleep. Priety's other half, the delectable Ness Wadia, was seen too, at the safer Atrium, the coffee shop. Well, its been seen in sports that late night partying is usually not good for next days match. Rule stands. Hah!

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