Monday, May 19, 2008

Kolkata Shining

A drive along Rajarhat road yesterday gave me a shock. I havent been on that road in a couple of months and the amount of work that is happening is mind blowing. Couple of swanky new buildings have come up, reflective glass and all. Trucks and tractors everywhere. Seems like in a couple of years the skyline of this part of the city is going to change forever.
The work-in-progress buildings came in stark contrast with verdant greenery which still exists along the road. Cranes (the bird category) still can be seen here. A couple of men were even farming their tiny plots of land. This was more toward the airport side than Salt Lake. But these are all bound to go. When you see the 'International COnvention Center' proudly proclaim itself, you tend to forget the greenery. You think, yeah Kolkata! Finally!!
Price of progress? Can we begin to identify what exactly we are losing? Do we care?

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