Friday, May 23, 2008

Restaurant- Tero Parbon- Bengali Food

Tero Parbon
Food- Bengali. More or less tasty, their fish items are better than others. Mutton is sometimes slightly undercooked. The portions are small, one is good for one person only. The Pineapple chutney is a must-try. Their 'hilsa festival' in the season, is good.
Ambience- With Rabindrasangeet, antique pieces here and there, and Tagore's paintings, they have tried with some success to make it very old Bengal. The seating could be better, there are no sofas and can be vey difficult with children.
Pocket Pinch- Not very expenslve, but as portion sizes are small it sort of balances put. Meal for two with a starter, drink(non alcoholic), main course and a sweet dish, would be about 600 Rs. Not including specials like prawn etc.

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