Friday, May 9, 2008

Gandhi-giri from Gopal Krishna

Taxis and pedestrians stop and gape at the palatial building... only its pitch dark in there.

Thats our Governor trying to measure down to commoner status, sharing in the travails of power cuts which have harrassed Kolkata- bashis for months now. Months for people living in more fortunate areas (Salt Lake, for instance). For those in godforsaken corners of the city, its always been that way. I live near Bansdroni, in a place called Brahmapur. An area which plunges into the dark ages thrice daily, for an hour at a time. Then the more affluent thank heavens for their invertors and the children of lesser gods curse increase in airconditions in the neighbourhood, while sweat pools in around them!

Back to governor house. An "island of darkness" claimed newspapers, while the governor stepped out on his spacious verandah for some hot evening air. (Its not even fresh air in that zone) The buzz on smaller verandahs in our locality was more of a fellow feeling with the Gandhi of this age. Our masters and commanders in the red building did not sympathise. The sarcasm came thick and strong if the papers are to be believed.

But as long as the power requirement of the city exceeds supply, I should say, some Gandhigiri is still needed to open the eyes of venom-spewers who run the land.


  1. Wonder if it really served any purpose. Seemed like a mere publicity stunt to me... without any motive.