Friday, May 2, 2008

Tram Tracks

Unending story?
This time its Tollygunj. The stretch from Tolly Golf Club area to Anwar Shah Road has been dug up for some weeks now, closing many exit points, reducing traffic flow to two lanes each and making it a nightmare during office hours .
This morning, hope shines, new tracks have already been laid. Still a long way to go, but hopefully once it is done the road will be drivable once again.
But once that stretch is done they are surely going to dig up the Anwar Shah crossing. Thats where the tram tracks are worst. The car literally dives down a cliff face and drives up another, hitting the bumper if one is not very careful.
And its dangerous, because no one is sure what the traffic lights signify... or even, why they are there. No one follows signals at the crossing, and I have never seen a policeman anywhere nearby.
PS- thats supposedly a highly accident prone zone. (Years back, I had lost a friend to a trucks rash driving at that very crossing, bang in front of the mutton shop)

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  1. That Anwar Shah crossing is a night-mare. Might is right rule works....sadly.