Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Restaurant- Marco Polo- Deshapriya Park

Ive been going there for some years now and the service remains impeccable. This restaurant has two floors. The lower floor has the bar and is a smoking zone but it has the better look while the upper floor is stark in comparison with no sofas and a smaller area. Suggestion- They could make it into a lounge type space.

Food- Absolutely delicious. I have not yet heard anyone deny that. Their kebabs are mouth watering, stakes are very good. The biryani is not that special, and has no variety. Its muticuisine, the logic being that they cover those places which Marco Polo may have visited on the course of his journey. So there is continental- stakes and salads, Indian of course, some Bengali, North West frontier... but menu is more or less limited.
Their desserts are good, but Im always full by the time I reach my Caramel Custard (very well made) or their chocolate mousse ( not that soft, but quite ok, very chocolatey).

Pcoket pinch- Expensive. A three course meal for 2, with a starter, two mail dishes and two desserts will cost around 1500 to 2000 Rupees.

Value for money- 7/10

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  1. Time I am at Kolkata,Marco Polo is my place to hang out. Good ambiance and service is superb.